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Manage everything online with our streamlined admin interface.


Boasting a powerful management system for efficient processing of orders.

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Order History

Logged-in customers can view their order history with ease

QR Code & NFC Ordering

Scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag to automatically bring up your website with the table/room numbered entered and ready to order

Accept Orders Anytime

Place orders which are due immediately or for a later time within your designated opening hours

Order Statuses

Track the fulfillment of orders with built-in order statuses. Customers are notified in real-time whenever you update an order

Automated Statuses

Automatically update order statuses based on the length of time passed since the order was placed. Useful if you have a large volume of orders


Providing a seamless customer experience – order without any lag or hassle.

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Customers can place a pickup order for immediate collection or at a later time within your opening hours.


Customers can order for delivery within a certain range of your store location or within designated zones.

Table Bookings & Reservations

Customers can request for a table booking online and stay informed on their booking status via e-mail updates.

Customer E-Mail Receipt

All customers will receive an e-mail notification confirming their order with a PDF receipt for reference

Express Checkout

All customers’ checkout and delivery information is saved for future orders

Guest & Customer Checkout

Customers can checkout as guests or login via email, Facebook or Google. All customer information is tracked for your use including guests

Real-Time Order Receipt

Customers get a unique web URL once an order is placed. They can view changes to their order status in real-time


Allowing easy access and visibility through our dynamic user interface.

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Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Designed to look great, work smoothly and provide a pleasant ordering experience across all devices

Showcase Your Menus & Information

Display all your menus, dishes and business information which are easily accessible to the public

SEO Friendly

Get discovered by search engines frequently by customising your page title and meta tags for maximum search engine visibility

Built-In Contact Form

Customers can easily reach you through e-mail which is embedded in your online store

Embedded Maps

A map of your store location is also embedded into your website for customers to easily find you

Custom Domain Support

Easily connect your own custom domain name to your online ordering website or landing page for a better user experience

SSL Secured

Our servers will automatically generate and manage your SSL certificate for your website to enable HTTPS security

Data Analysis

Helping you understand your business through our data-driven tools. Analyse key metrics with up-to-date information.

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Sales Reports

Understand your trends with our extensive sales report that shows you all your key performance metrics

Understand Your Data

Intuitive design allows you to better understand the sales and performance breakdown

Export All Your Data

Your data is yours. Everything from orders, bookings and customers can easily be exported to CSV / Excel format for use with 3rd party applications


Giving flexibility across different platforms through our intuitive user navigation.

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Multiple Menus With Conditions

Create any number of menus segmented by store locations and a variety of conditions such as order types, dates and times

Advanced Dish Customization

Create a variety of customizable options for each dish

Combo Dishes & Meals

Create dishes that require customers to select a combination of dishes with a fixed or variable price.

Dish Statuses

Flag dishes as out of stock or not available for ordering on a per location basis. You can also hide dishes from your menu

Dish Tags

Create fully customisable dish tags with a unique color and icon to represent things such as gluten-free, vegan, spicy, etc.


Increasing work productivity through customised settings.

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Accessible On All Devices

The online management interface is designed to work well on all devices and is even perfect to set up in-store on a tablet

Staff Accounts

Create restricted staff accounts with custom login and password. Restrict accounts to only particular actions to prevent unauthorised access

Real-Time Order Management

Manage orders in real-time. Orders will automatically be highlighted on the interface as they come through

Email, Audio & Device Notifications

Automatically receive an email and device notification every time a new order is placed. Customise audio notification duration, sounds and play until confirmed

Age Restricted Menus

Enable age restriction to allow registered customers to submit their ID for approval by your staff. Only approved customers can order from age-restricted menus. Perfect for use in bars or clubs

Easy Order Management

Our simplistic and intuitive order management interface enables you to keep a tab on every pending order, as well as handle large volumes of orders easily.

Automated receipt printing to unlimited printers

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Automatically print new orders whenever they are placed with a less than 10 second delay

Customisable e-mail, audio and device notifications

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Automatically receive an email and device notification every time a new order is placed

Customise audio notification duration, sounds and play until confirmed

Order events log to maintain staff accountability

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Understand your trends with our extensive sales report that shows you all your key performance metrics

One System To Rule Them All

Why struggle with numerous different systems? SkipQoo streamlines your restaurant’s digital requirements into one easy to use system. With one platform, you can accept and manage every type of online order!


Order for collection directly in-store either due immediately or at a later time


Order delivery to a specific address within your pre-configured rules and zones


Order directly from your table by selecting your table number or scanning the QR code


Request a table booking at a later date with e-mail confirmations to keep updated

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